How To Choose A Lake Of The Ozarks Landscape Company You Can Trust

Cheerful flower bed in landscaping at Lake of the Ozarks

An attractive, beautiful, and functional outdoor living space can considerably transform your property’s curb appeal while enhancing your lifestyle. 

However, Lake of the Ozarks landscaping differs from typical landscaping projects because of the different terrain and unusual landscaping requirements. This requires you to hire an experienced landscaping company with a strategic approach.

It’s necessary to trust a landscaping company in Lake of the Ozarks you can trust to provide creative, aesthetic, and functional solutions to achieve reasonable goals for your home or business. 

Some of these goals include blocking boating noise, creating windbreaks, creating a kid-friendly lawn, or creating a private oasis for you and your friends. 

Once you know your goals, it is just a matter of penning down your requirements and finding a Lake of the Ozarks landscaping company that can convert your ideas into reality.

Find a company that can landscape “Lake of the Ozarks” style!

When you relocate to Lake of the Ozarks from other major cities like St. Louis, Kansas, etc., you will be confronted with landscaping “Lake of the Ozarks” style. 

You need to find an experienced, licensed, and expert local contractor who understands the nuances of how to work around local terrain and overcome the challenges it presents. 

Some of the things the Lake of the Ozarks company you hire must know how to navigate through are:

  • How to manage hillside landscaping.
  • Keep views from your home unobstructed. 
  • Make it easier to navigate slopes.
  • Design the outdoor landscape with ease of accessibility in mind.
  • Have the resources, expertise, and knowledge to safely implement functional and beautiful landscape designs on the rocky terrain at Lake of the Ozarks.
  • Ability to excavate, manage rock removal, grade, and create lawns.
  • Smartly manage soil erosion issues due to gradient landscape.
  • Expertise in installing retaining walls, terraced landscaping, installing decorative gravel, plants, grass, dry creek beds, rip rap, and more. 
  • Create a sustainable outdoor landscape with the client’s goals in mind. 
  • Expertise in choosing the right plants and vegetation for your outdoor landscape. 
Landscape boulders and greenery at a Lake home in the Ozarks

Experience & Expertise

When looking for a Lake of the Ozarks Landscaping company, it’s important to check how experienced the company is. 

You can do this by learning about the following:

  • Company’s past projects
  • Check how long the company has been operating in the Lake of the Ozarks landscaping scene.
  • Market credibility
  • Reviews it has received online
  • The affiliations of the company with local organizations and the awards or certifications it has received
  • The types of projects it specializes in
  • The resources available with the Lake of the Ozarks landscaping company in terms of manpower strength, resources at its disposal, machinery it uses, etc.

Range of Services On Offer

When creating an enviable outdoor landscape, you need a Lake of the Ozarks landscaping company that offers a wide range of services. 

You don’t want to deal with different companies for landscaping, hardscaping, maintenance, outdoor lighting, etc. 

You need a company that takes care of it all under one roof and offers ongoing maintenance services to keep your outdoor landscape in tip-top condition. 

Consult with the Lake of the Ozarks landscaping company about your requirements and vision for your outdoor living space, and see if they can manage it wholly on their own without sub-letting. 

By dealing with only one company for all your landscaping needs, you drastically lower the cost and the hassles that usually accompanies handling various contractors. 

Inspections & Permits

Landscaping projects in Lake of the Ozarks may require inspections and permits. You must know the types of permits required for your landscaping project. 

This will help you choose a Lake of the Ozarks landscaping contractor that can get the required permits to ensure a compliant landscaping project. 

Choose a landscaping contractor in Lake of the Ozarks who are familiar with the permits required and the due processes to get the necessary permits. 


When looking for the right Lake of the Ozarks landscaping company, you’ll come across many different landscaping contractors that charge exorbitant prices while others that are unbelievably cheap. 

Doing your homework to land a contractor that balances cost and quality is important. It is not suggested to always go for cheap as you may land on an outcome far from what you imagined for your outdoor living space. 

Also, getting a detailed proposal and estimate in writing is always recommended, helping you keep things on record in case things don’t go as planned. 

Focus on getting quality work at a cost that doesn’t stretch your budget, and as challenging as it may sound, it is very much possible with just a little effort.

Final Thoughts

Hiring the right Lake of the Ozarks landscaping company makes a huge difference in the quality of outdoor landscaping. 

You want a sustainable outdoor landscape that is not only in tune with what you had in mind but is creative, sustainable, and low on maintenance. You might be in a hurry to start your landscaping project, and rightly so! 

But it’s always suggested you invest some time in doing the due diligence to land on a Lake of the Ozarks landscaping contractor that can get the job done right without cutting corners. 

(This article was submitted by Heartland Landscape Group at Lake of the Ozarks. Thanks!)

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